Thursday, February 14, 2013

Checking In (with TONS of pictures)

Oh, hey there! Just popping in to say that all is well. We are settling into being a family of 5 and everyone is happy, though not necessarily healthy. We've had at least 2 people sick since Christmas. Asher and I are both on our 2nd round of sickness. We snuggle and sniffle together.

Dudes. Life as a working mom of 3 is buuuusy. I miss being home with my babies all day. Never before have I imagined myself as a SAHM, but I desperately want to make that happen soon. We're working on it. Having insurance is kind of a necessity though, so for now I work.

Asher is an angel. Seriously. He basically just smiles and talks and sleeps all the time. He's the kind of baby that convinces you that it would be a great idea to have another. Yes. I just said that. We want another. I've probably lost my mind.

And so, without further ado, meet Asher Grey.

Love at first sight!

All items from his nursery: black and white rug, turquoise blanket that I crocheted, and wooden toy that Vivienne picked out for him.

He is SUPER happy all the time!

And here are my little lovelies today. I visit them every day on my lunch break to snuggle and nurse and watch Viv tap dance/play dress-up/jump on the couch. It's always the highlight of my day.

Happy Valentine's Day, by the way.


Jennifer said...

There you are! You left me hangin'! GREAT pictures and a beautiful family! I'm so happy all is well and I hope you can make your SAHM dreams come true soon. I've missed seeing you around here.

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Anonymous said...
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